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Ways to Shop for Sex Toys

This may come off as bias, but many women find adult stores intimidating, unfriendly and overwhelming. At Private Ivy we seek to change the way women, and others, buy their sex toys and bedroom related equipment, by offering both an online store and in person consultations through our sex toy parties. However, all three ways of shopping have their advantages and disadvantages, this article will highlight the pros and cons, allowing you to make your own informed decision on how you choose to buy your sex toys.

Adult Stores

Adult Stores offer a wide variety of toys, porn and lingerie that you can take home with you immediately, negating the need for delivery charges or waiting for your items to arrive, allowing you to use your purchases the minute you get home. Although you can usually try lingerie on, more intimate products are unable to be taken out of the packaging, therefore you can’t see and feel how they work. Shopping at an adult store can be intimidating and the staff on site are not necessarily approachable for the newer consumer. With the decline of the porn DVD industry, adult stores are increasing their intimate product range to turn a profit, sometimes focusing on quantity and margins over quality and affordability.

Credit: Yury Dmitrienko / Shutterstock.com

Online Shopping

Online stores can offer many products, there is something for everyone. However; some websites can be hard to navigate, not provide enough product information and have too many products to choose between. You are also unable to see and feel the products or test any of their functions until you get them into your bedroom, with hygiene concerns returns are never allowed unless there is a manufacturing issue. With these issues in mind consumers may stick to what they know will work, or what they are familiar with, not allowing exploration or experimentation with different products. Another downside to some online shops is the cost of and waiting time for shipping.

Sex Toy Parties

Containing benefits from both in-store and online, shopping at a sex toy party gives you the bonus of being able to test the products functions and ask questions about any products in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, some sex toy companies’ products are very expensive, overpricing is especially common if they are on-selling other brands. Another thing to consider is delivery, some companies’ delivery times are quite extensive, taking at least two to four weeks for your products to arrive.

Whichever way you choose to shop it is important to remember each company has different products and policies.

At Private Ivy we pride ourselves on helping our customers improve their private lives in a way which is comfortable and affordable. Our hostesses are trained to provide you with a fun, informative experience. Wherever possible you can take your purchases home with you from our parties, if the consultant does not have your item in stock we will not keep you waiting for months. Private Ivy attempts to make your online experience as smooth as possible; if you have any questions you can contact us before purchasing.