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Spice up your 'me time': Female Masturbation Tips

Just like having sex with a partner you can fall into the same old routine with masturbation. Once you think you've perfected it you might stop experimenting, and before you know it masturbation can loose its edge.

Try the following to make things fun and new again:

- Pamper yourself. Get a massage or mani-pedi beforehand, whatever makes you feel relaxed and sexy.

- Set the scene. Treat yourself to fresh bedsheets, light some scented candles and pop on the perfect background music.

- Put something nice on, whether its a satin robe, crotch-less underwear or stockings and heels; if it makes you feel confident, great.

- Slow it down. Too often we are in a rush to be somewhere or want to orgasm as quickly as possible. Take your time, touch yourself like it is the first time, even if its the 10,000th. Often a slower build makes for a more intense climax.

- Focus on your whole body, not just your vagina. Nipple stimulation, grabbing your butt or stroking your upper thighs can build arousal.

- Do it old school. Sometimes your hands are the only tool you need.

- Use a variety of toys. There are many toys designed to stimulate the clit &/or the G-spot. Like following the same routine, using the same toy every time you masturbate can get predictable; the best thing to do is to chop and change to keep things fresh.

- Fantasise. Whether it is remembering a sexy scenario, reading erotica, watching porn or imagining what you'd like to do to your favourite celebrity.

- Change location. If you usually stick to the bed try masturbating in the bath or shower, on the couch or even on the kitchen counter.

- Change position. Again, like sex with a partner there are so many positions you can masturbate in. Experiment, you might find a new favourite.

- Restrain yourself. Bondage is not just a couples' activity. Try handcuffing one wrist to the bed or use anklecuffs to restrict how far you can spread your legs. Make sure you can safely get in and out of the restraints.

- Break your norm. If you always masturbate first thing in the morning try doing it before you go to bed or swap your sandwich for self-love at lunchtime.

- Try blindfolding yourself, the loss of one sense heightens others.

- Swap hands. Learning to be ambidextrous is far easier when it comes to masturbating than writing. If you can use both hands skilfully you've always got a backup for if one gets tired.