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Reasons why female masturbation is good for you!

Despite society's archaic views that female masturbation is promiscuous or unnatural,

masturbating is a perfectly normal activity to indulge in, in fact it even has many benefits.

More women masturbate than you think, 92% do it regularly!

There is no correct frequency, everyone is different and it just comes down to personal

preference. Around 10% of ladies masturbate daily, 60% indulge 2-3 times a week, whilst others

only do it once in a while. Naturally how often you masturbate can fluctuate depending on the

time of the month, age and other factors such as work, relationships & health.

• One of the best things about masturbating is that you get to learn exactly what you like.

Try different techniques in private to find your favourite positions and sweet spots. Over

time you will perfect the art of self pleasure.

• Through practice you will learn how to climax quicker, which is handy for when us busy

women are in a rush.

• Once you know what works best for you, you can teach your partner(s). After all, how

can you expect them to know your body if you don't know it yourself.

• It is a major confidence booster. Taking control of your own satisfaction is empowering.

• Masturbating before bed can give you a better nights sleep. 32% of women surveyed say they deliberately use it to help them drift off.

• Self pleasure has been proven to combat stress and mild depression!

• It can help prevent and alleviate vaginal infections and UTIs. The fluids you naturally

secrete during masturbation flush out bad bacteria.

• The surge of feel-good hormones released during masturbation can help ease menstrual


• It helps boost your immune system. Scientists are not sure exactly how it works but they suspect that the rush of chemicals released in your brain when you masturbate contribute to your body's ability to fight disease.

• The involuntary workout your pelvic floor gets from orgasming helps to keep it healthy. This is especially useful for women who have given birth or intend to in the future.

• Masturbating regularly boosts your sex drive.

• According to a study conducted by the University of Sydney, masturbation can even

reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

• It is the perfect excuse for some 'me time'. You work hard and take care of others needs,

make sure you allow time for your own!

The World Association for Sexual Health, an international organisation of sexologists, has stated, “Sexual pleasure, including autoeroticism (masturbation), is a source of physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.”

It feels great and it is good for your health, so what are you waiting for?