Hostess Tips
Take advantage of the hostess rewards in order to receive as many free products as you can. You will receive 10% of all sales attributed to your party to spend on your own goodies, as well as receiving free gifts when you hit certain hostess tiers.
Follow these tips in order to maximise your party sales and receive as many freebies as possible.
Who Do I Invite?
Everyone! Even if you are unsure if it is 'their kind of thing' invite them anyway, everyone wants a better sex life.
The quality of a party is not determined by the closeness of a friendship group or the age of guests. Very often the guests only know the hostess but our games get everyone involved quickly.

Our parties are designed as an inclusive, educational and comfortable night for everyone.​
Aim to invite at least twice as many people as you want to attend because not everyone you invite will be able to attend the party. Even if some of your invitees aren't able to make it, they can always make purchases through our consultant or online store that can be attributed to you, increasing your sales total.
Pick Your Products
Make a wishlist before your party date, this will give you some idea of how much your party guests need to spend in order to get the products on your list for free.

Remember you get 10% of all sales attributed to your party to spend on your own purchases i.e. if your guests spend $500 you get $50 towards your goodies.
You also have the chance to earn free hostess gifts, these are usually special edition products which means you could receive a limited edition version of an item on your wishlist for free.
Increase Your Sales
You receive 10% of all sales attributed to your party to spend on your own purchases, so maximising your sales is the best way to get free products.

Any purchases made by your 'guests' prior to your party, either through your consultant or our online store, are attributed to your total sales. So take advantage of that opportunity! Friends or family members that can't make your party, whether it's because they live interstate, are isolating due to a global pandemic or just busy, are able to make purchases and have them count. All purchases made receive free shipping throughout Australia and any purchases over $150 will be shipped express at no extra cost to the customer.
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