About Us
Founded in 2016, Private Ivy was created to provide fun and informative experiences, quality affordable products and a brand that customers can trust. Over the years we have developed our company, always striving to provide our valued customers with the best.

By buying direct from the manufacturer we have cut out the middle man ensuing our products are affordable; and designed a catalogue that prioritises quality over quantity. Hand-picking select products which meet our high standards, everything in the catalogue has been vigorously tested, ensuring that affordable does not mean cheap.​

Our mission at Private Ivy is to give everyone the chance to improve their sex lives and relationships through providing information and products which offer fantastic value for money. Inclusivity and fun are at the heart of our brand.

No handling fees, no delivery fees, no fee for holding a party, no minimum spend, fast discreet delivery and exclusive hostess rewards are just some of the reasons why our customers choose Private Ivy.

​We will continue to listen to our customers and keep improving our services and products by adapting to their needs.​
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