Hostess Info

Always Fun & Always Free

Hosting a sex toy party with Private Ivy is always free, so whether you are looking to host a hens night, birthday party or just need an excuse for a girls night in, there will be absolutely no cost to you and your guests. This means no fees for hosting, no minimum spend, no handling fees and no delivery charges.

Our parties run as a series of games and product demonstrations. We showcase our products, allowing everyone to feel them and get a realistic idea of their functions. Our knowledgeable consultants are able to answer any questions that you may have about our products and help point you in the right direction for your needs. Guests will feel comfortable in asking questions throughout the night and are welcome to speak privately to the consultant at the end of the evening if they do not wish to discuss things in front of other guests.

It's your party, so you decide the guest list. Most parties have an all female audience over the age of 18. However, we love designing parties specifically for you; we are happy to cater to any audience, just fill out the special requests box when booking.

Strictly no-one under the age of 16 is allowed to attend our parties due to legal restrictions.

Who Do I Choose?

Don't choose, invite everyone!


Even if you are unsure if it is 'their kind of thing' invite them anyway, everyone wants a better sex life.

The quality of a party is not determined by the closeness of a friendship group or the age of guests. Very often the guests only know the hostess but our games get everyone involved quickly.


Our parties are designed as an inclusive, educational and comfortable night for everyone.

Hostess Tips

​​The first thing we will do when organising your party will be to setup a Facebook event for you, where your consultant will post information for the guests in the build up to your event. It is important that you invite people to this event, as this allows us to communicate directly with your attendants and establish an inviting atmosphere.

The following is a list of tips designed to maximise your rewards and your fun!

Invite more people than necessary

To have the greatest experience possible, it is important for you to invite as many guests as possible. We propose inviting twice as many people as you want to attend, as not everyone will be able to make it and last minute cancellations can make the entire night go bust.